A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Dungeoneers is a community based rogue-like. Players fight through four action-packed difficulties of procedurally generated dungeons, defeating enemies in the hopes of making the Guardian of the dungeon take notice. Once the Guardian has taken notice, players must fight and defeat it. Victory will yield epic loot, yet defeat will not go unnoticed. Character stats are shared by the entire community, and all experience earned by players in the game are added to a community experience pool in the form of stat upgrades. Every play session matters, no matter how good or bad, and will affect every other player in the community.

Internet connection required.

360 Controller recommended.

This game was made in 15 weeks by students in the Michigan State University Game Design and Development Minor.

The Team:

Elan Gleiber - Team Lead, Lead Designer, Systems Designer, UI Designer, Sound Designer, Composer

Patrick Williams - Gameplay Programmer

Scott Holzknecht - Technical Artist, Systems Programmer

Zach Klegon - 3D Artist, 3D Animator

Kyle Brown - Level Designer

Connor Kurtz - 3D Artist, 3D Animator



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