A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Troposphere is a resource management game set on islands in the sky in which players must collect resources to survive and expand their village. To expand, they must build bridges to other sky islands containing the resources they need. Since these islands exists within the Troposphere (the area of the Earth's atmosphere where all weather happens), they are prone to frequent natural disasters. To combat these dangers, players must build fortifications against these disasters before they reach a resource. Failure to defend can be a major setback in the player's expansion. The game is set in levels with goals for population, exploration, and time. Build and expand your village as fast as you can!

Headphones highly recommended for the optimal game experience.

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This game was made by students in the Michigan State Game Design Program over the course of 5 weeks.

**Winner of the Michigan State University 2015 Student Game Showcase Best of Show Award**

Install instructions

For Android:

  • Click the "Get it on Google Play" Button
  • Install on your mobile device

For PC:

  • Download the files
  • Unzip
  • Make sure the .exe file is in the same folder level as the data folder
  • Double click the .exe file to launch

For MAC:

  • Download the files
  • Unzip
  • Double click to play


TroposphereMac.zip 78 MB
TroposphereWin.zip 76 MB

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